Terms and conditions

1. Age Requirement

To create an account on GoHaweli, users must confirm that they are at least 18 years old. This age requirement is in place to ensure that users engaging with the platform meet the legal age criteria. It serves to establish a responsible and compliant user base for the GoHaweli community.

2. Inspection Before Payment

GoHaweli does not support online payments. Instead, the platform encourages buyers and sellers to personally inspect items before finalizing transactions. This approach promotes transparency and trust between the buyer and the seller. The decision on how to complete the payment is left to the mutual agreement of the buyer and the seller after the physical inspection of the item. GoHaweli does not act as a third party for the transaction security or payment process, allowing buyers and sellers the flexibility to determine the most suitable payment method for their needs..

3. Account Deletion:

Users have the option to delete their GoHaweli accounts. However, it's crucial to understand that for the benefit of other users involved in the chat, certain information such as chat history, name, contact number, and profile picture is retained. This retention is essential to ensure a seamless and positive user experience. If chat history were to be deleted, other users would lose access to their interaction history with the departing user. To prevent any disruption or loss of valuable communication, we maintain the link between the user's name, contact number, and profile picture with the chat. This practice aims to provide a comprehensive and consistent user experience, avoiding any unintended inconvenience for users on GoHaweli. Certainly! Here's the revised section for Account Deletion: It's important to clarify that the user's account is permanently deleted, meaning that the rest of the user's information is expunged from our records for eternity. The information that is not deleted will not be shared with anyone else except for the specific purposes mentioned above, ensuring user privacy and data confidentiality.

4. Address Verification

Before visiting a seller to inspect an item, users are required to verify the accuracy of the provided address. Safety precautions are emphasized, including meeting in familiar locations.

5. Inappropriate Content

GoHaweli prohibits the sharing of harmful content, including most reported content on posts by users, or nude sexual content on the platform. Violation of this policy, including instances of inappropriate content, may result in the suspension of the user's account. In cases where a post is most reported by users or is deemed harmful, the user may be restricted from creating a new account on the same device. Additionally, if it is discovered that a user has used someone else's original content without permission, their content will be promptly deleted. This measure is implemented to ensure a secure and respectful environment for all users of the GoHaweli platform. Users are encouraged to report any instances of inappropriate content to maintain a positive and safe community.

6. Transactions to Unknown Addresses

Users are strongly advised against delivering purchased items to unfamiliar addresses or suspicious locations. This precaution is to enhance user safety, particularly when dealing with unknown buyers or locations.

7. Returns Policy

GoHaweli does not assume responsibility for returns. Users are urged to thoroughly inspect items before making purchases. Since transactions involve physical verification, users should be aware that the platform is not liable for any defaults discovered after the purchase.

8. Visibility of Information

When you create a Haweli account and share posts, or post items for sale, it's essential to be aware that certain information will be visible to everyone. This includes your name, contact number, profile image, and your provided address of Haweli. While the platform allows you to hide your address, please note that the proximity distance in kilometres will always be displayed for transparency. We want to ensure clarity regarding the visibility of this information to maintain transparency and openness within the GoHaweli community.

Privacy & Policy

1. Content Rights

The platform is committed to protecting the rights of content creators on GoHaweli. In selling area GoHaweli put watermarking the uploader's name on selling items explore section. However, It is crucial for users to be aware that misuse of posted content is a possibility, especially on fan pages where no watermark is applied. In the event that the original creator identifies their content being used without permission, GoHaweli takes this matter seriously. Upon receiving a valid notification from the rightful creator requesting content removal, GoHaweli will promptly send a notification to the user responsible for the unauthorized use. Users are expected to comply with such removal requests in a timely manner. It's imperative for users to understand that repeatedly using someone else's content without authorization is a violation of the platform's policies. After several attempts to rectify such instances, if a user persists in using unauthorized content, their account may be subject to suspension. Therefore, it is strongly advised not to use someone else's content without explicit permission to maintain a respectful and compliant environment on GoHaweli. Respecting intellectual property rights contributes to a positive user experience and fosters a community that values and protects the creative work of its members.

2. Policy and Terms Updates

Users are kindly requested to agree to any upcoming updates to the GoHaweli policy. Your continued use of GoHaweli indicates your acceptance of these changes. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community informed and secure.

3. Access Information

GoHaweli requests access to specific information on users' devices to enhance the functionality of the platform. Users are prompted to grant permissions for various purposes, as outlined below: **Location:** - The app requires access to your device's location to display nearby items accurately. This ensures a localized and relevant experience for users. **Time:** - GoHaweli requests access to your device's local time when you upload an item. This information is utilized to organize and display listings chronologically. **Device Name or ID:** - Access to your device's name or ID is necessary to determine to implement measures that prevent suspicious users from creating multiple accounts on the same device. **Gallery and Camera:** - To enable users to upload content, such as images or videos, GoHaweli seeks permission to access your device's gallery and camera. This facilitates the seamless sharing of items for sale. By providing these permissions, users contribute to a more personalized and effective user experience on GoHaweli. The platform is committed to utilizing this information responsibly and in accordance with its privacy policy. Users can manage and control these permissions in their device settings at any time.

4. Secret Keys

Users are advised not to share any confidential or sensitive information in chats or elsewhere on the platform to ensure their personal safety and security.

Advertisements and Funding

1. Advertisement Display

GoHaweli displays advertisements (ads) strategically to support the platform's functionality and cover operational expenses. These ads, facilitated through Google AdMob, aim to enhance the user experience while using the app.

2. Funding Source

To maintain GoHaweli as a free and accessible platform for users, we utilize Google AdMob, a reputable advertising service. AdMob allows us to display ads within the app, and the revenue generated from these ads is used to cover operational costs and ensure the continued availability of our services at no direct cost to users.

3. Ad Tracking

Google AdMob uses tracking mechanisms to understand user preferences and customize ads accordingly. This enhances the ad experience by showing content that aligns with users' interests, creating a more engaging advertising experience.